For some time now, we've recieved a number of reports and concerns about an overwhelming amount of silt/sediment coming into the streams that pour into our lake (Johnson Lake).  We decided to go upstream starting behind 1197 Summit Chase Dr, and follow the stream all the way up to hwy 78 N.  On 02-29-20 this journey led us upstream from behind Brooks Drive,  behind Master's Ln,  all the way to hwy 78. We saw an overwhelming amount of sand and sediment  along the way.  For some time we had heard that sand could be coming from "behind the church ball fields or it's construction run-off".  Based on what we observed this did not appear to be the case.

We found that according to "Google Earth" and county maps, that there are 2 ponds upstream (behind Masters Lane) in which were not designed to flow downstream to Johnson Lake according to the county map.  However, we did identify a visible stream between the 2 ponds. One of which have a circumference of over 300 meters which flowed downstream to the other which was about 100 meters in circumference or more. 

Of the 2 ponds, the largest one had an area of dirt around the embankment collapse suddenly bringing trees vertically down with it.  The force of the trees and weight smashed into the drain below damaging it causing all the water to drain out of the large pond.  It brought a massive amount of sand, sediment, and silt along with it.  This run off went down stream towards the small pond where it sat until it breached completely bringing all the debris, sand, and silt with it which caused bad turbidity in the new stream that now meets the stream that runs parallel to Brooks drive that eventually feeds into our upper lake.  This has caused major issues with stream capacity and flooding of some of the basements and land of which this upstream breach has impacted. [See All Images

Each time we get a substantial amount of rain, more of this run off impacts our stream and our lake in a negative way.  We've contacted the EPD and they are saying there's nothing they can do and the private owner of the property is with whom we have to deal.  Parcel 5100 023 

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