Lake Rules

johnson lake

Johnson Lakes are owned by Summit Chase Homes Association, Inc. There are three lakes - the upper lake, the lower lake, and another small lake at the end of Green Turf Drive. These lakes are for use by active members* of SCHA, Inc. and their guests. *(annual dues paid in full)

Because there is no established easement around these lakes, members may only walk around the shoreline if they have the permission or approval of the homeowners. Members cannot bring in lawn chairs and coolers and picnic/party on the private property of the homeowners who live around the lake.

1. Members must have respect and use common courtesy when boating on the lake or fishing from their boats and/or access and dam areas.

2. Lake Permit buttons are available for each SCHA, Inc. member's residence. Two buttons per household. An SCHA, Inc. Lake Committee member will distribute the Lake Permit buttons to you.

3. Those persons authorized to use the lakes: a. SCHA, Inc. members in good standing (annual dues paid in full) b. Guests of members in good standing. Guests must be in the company of the SCHA, Inc. member.

4. A current Lake Permit button must be worn by the member while fishing or boating on the lakes.

5. Boating onJohnson Lakes; 
a. It is the responsibility of each person to have proper floatation devices when using a boat on any SCHA, Inc. lakes. Vest floatation devices are required on anyone under 10 years of age. One floatation device is required per person in the boat. 
b. Sail boats (no larger than 15 ft.), john boats with electric motors only, canoes or paddleboats are permitted. 
c. SCHA Boat I.D. decals are required on all boats using the lakes. The decals must be on both the left and right sides at the front of the boat. 
d. For more information visit the website and print a copy of the Boat ID permit form which can be found on the SCHA, Inc. website: and submit it to Gavin Pittaluga, 1239 Summit Chase Dr.Snellville, GA - 30078. 
e. Current access to theupperlakeisonGreenTurf Drive betweenBrooks Drive andClassic Drive. There is a 15 foot corridor to the lake and boats must be hand carried to the lake.
f. Access to the lower lake is on Timberline Drive.
g. There is no access to the small lake at the end of Green Turf Drive .

6. Fishing on the lake and/or at access and dam areas:
a. Be respectful of the private property, access areas and dams you are walking on and/or fishing near.
b. There is no fishing permitted on the lakes between sunset and sunrise.
c. Do not leave fishing tackle, lures, fishing line, etc. on the ground.
d. Take out whatever you brought in with you.
e. There is 12" inch or larger limit on the size of fish taken out of the lakes. Please use good judgment andbeecology/environmentally-minded.

7. No swimming or wading is permitted in the lakes.

8. Docks are not allowed to be on the lake perimeter or the lake. No structures can be built on the lake perimeter or the dams.

9. No motorized vehicles are allowed onthe lake perimeter, dams or other property owned by SCHA, Inc.

10. No loud music, shouting, or the use of foul language/profanity is allowed. Keep it quiet!

11. No littering and/or loitering are permitted - at any time.

12. No fires are permitted onSCHA, Inc. property.

13. SCHA, Inc. does not assume any responsibility or liability for the use of the lakes or boats left on the boat rack.

14. Please keep in mind that Johnson Lakes are - for our enjoyment. Please be respectful of your neighbors' properties and our beautiful lakes!


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